Adventures in the Kitchen

I love adventure and I love food. I love combining the two and trying strange new things. For example, I really want to try a durian. I think that would be a blast…even if people think I’m nuts. What I don’t love to do is combine my love of adventure and food when I cook.

Today was a strange day…

I wanted ramen. Strange I know, but it’s cheap, easy and makes me feel like I really am cooking (no, cooking isn’t my favorite thing to do even if I can make stuff…with a recipie). I also wanted to add more to the ramen.

Earlier this year, I found a website (here) that gives ideas for different things to do with instant ramen. I chickened out of doing the veggies, but I saw the egg and it looked like a good choice. After a moment of debate on how cooked the egg will be after three minutes, I decided to do it. I followed their directions and scrambled it then poured it in while stirring. It looked cool. Now I know one of the stepps of Egg Drop Soup. I’ll have to do that someday….


I then added the ramen and realized that I was using too small of a pot for my experiment. So I turned down the heat and cooked the food longer. All and all it turned out well, even if I did feel it was missing something. I personally think it needs veggies (for color), but some more spices probably wouldn’t be bad either. Hmm…which ones will taste good with Shrimp Ramen?

Ah well, an experiment for another day (after consulting those in my life who are much more cooking-savvy than I am!)


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