Last night was a rough night. My best friend and I have been watching Doctor Who recently cause we both had heard it was an excellent series and she found it on Netflix Instant Play, so we started with the Ninth Doctor and just kept going.

Last night was one of our marathon nights and we just started watching and kept going till one of us were ready for bed. One of the episodes was Blink, which featured the Weeping Angels.

MAN that was a creepy episode! I spent the entire time clutching my pillow and trying not to freak out. It was an amazingly well written episode. So well written it took me almost a full four hours to fall asleep after watching that episode (And we watched the one afterwards too!)

During that time I kept trying to distract myself, and I almost wore out my phone’s battery by playing calming music. I could close my eyes, my figurines (which cover my room) didn’t worry me, but I kept seeing the Angel’s expressions when they were in killing mode. OH my goodness! I looked it up on the TARDIS Wikia and saw the picture of them again. CREEPY.

I hope I can sleep tonight, they haven’t been bothering me today, but they need to go away. They are science fiction. Not reality.

Besides we don’t have many statues in my neighborhood… *shifty eyes* …for now…


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