I love watching the fireworks for the Fourth of July!

Last night I went on an adventure, I went, by myself, to watch Frisco’s Fireworks. I went by myself, because my roommate was interested in finishing her radio drama, so I didn’t bother asking her. My best friend still hasn’t responded to those texts I sent, and I have no boyfriend. So I went to Wal-Mart (to bother the vending machines) and went out to my preferred watching spot.

The fireworks shoot off from the northern fields of Pizza Hut Park, and the southern one is the one where all the games are held, I think the northern ones are more practice than anything else. So I knew I had to be able to see the northern ones, so I went to the FISD Memorial Stadium’s Western Parking Lot, and parked closer to the baseball field than the bus barn, right up next to the road. Once I exited the car, I had a clear view of the airspace above the northern fields. I got there 45 minutes early so I could have my choice of a spot, and as I was on a blanket, I needed to have no one in front of me.

Past years of experience didn’t fail me. I parked right next to the entrance and no one was in front of me, and all the cars that drove by didn’t bother me! It was beautiful outside. The air was warm and breezy, perfect for sitting around outside for two hours. I played with my phone, listened to music and people watched. I also wished that someone was there to share the night with me. I remember two years ago, Refi, Karlie (maybe?), Linda T., and I all went to this same spot and watched the fireworks we had such a blast sitting around talking. But alas, it was just me and my music last night. No one else seemed interested that I went on an adventure…

A few minutes after 10 o’clock the show started and man they have gotten good with what they can make fireworks do! I saw so many cool ones, and I’m sure I saw some cowboy hats! I enjoyed watching them, no photographs this year, I wasn’t interested, but I enjoyed sitting and watching them.

At 10:30 they stopped and people started heading out. I gave them a ten minute (or so) head start then I headed home as well. It still took me fifteen minutes to take the 7 minute trip home; North County had a ton of people on it all wanting to get to Main Street. Fortunately there was a cop at the light and he extended our side’s ‘green light’ and let us go for a few moments after our light turned red, so traffic would move smoother.

Once home I unloaded my supplies and came in and played some World of Warcraft, because yes, I am in love with that game. Don’t worry; I plan on defending my love for it very soon this week. (Tomorrow?)

Now the question is…what will I do Monday night? Cause that was Frisco’s show for the year…


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  1. Glad you went to the fireworks… I wanted to go the night of the 4th (Richardson’s were at Breckinridge park) but had too much to do and futzed around. Now I have to wait another year.

    Be careful about choosing your spot. One year, at the Rangers ballpark, I figured out how to get right under the fireworks. It was spectacular, until big hunks of burning rubber and newspaper started falling on us. We had to take off.

    • Ha yeah I was a good mile away from them (at the most). When we went to Roswell NM we were right across the street from the fireworks and I was worried about that!

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