A Trip to Paris

It was 1am Tuesday when the plan was hatched. We were going to Paris.

Texas that is.

Andie and I didn’t want to sleep, nor did we want to go home, so we found ourselves driving around McKinney early one morning. We were talking about the random destinations we could end up (as there was no plan on where we were going), and we decided to go to Paris, TX. Unfortunately for Andie, I argued on the side of reason and insisted we don’t just up-and-leave. Even if I really, really wanted to. I had stuff to do. The AC is broken and whose job is it to play with the AC company? Mine. BTW, it sucked as much as I thought it would. Fortunately the AC seems to have fixed itself for now, even if I’m sure it still needs some minor (yet costly!) repairs.

So we settled for going on Friday. It ended up being Andie, Aaron2 (A2), and I and it was a blast!


Yup, Italian

Andie and I left home around 9 am but we had to do some errands before leaving to get A2 so we got to his place around 10am, and we were in Paris by noon. First order of business: CVS. Andie needed some painkiller; a random headache had attacked her today. Second order of business: Lunch. We wanted something toward the Eiffel Tower, so what do we decide? Italian food. Campizzi’s.

Lunch was delicious, and we had fun just chatting and laughing, probably drawing weird looks from others, but oh well. That’s us for you!




Eiffel Tower

Andie and Aaron infront of the Tower

After paying, we headed out to the Eiffel Tower. It’s a lot shorter than I would’ve guessed, but then it is only 69 feet tall. But we still had it to ourselves for the most part! Only one other family came around, and they waited till we wandered away before going up. It was nice 🙂

Then off to Downtown! They literally have a town square that contains a fountain in it. I haven’t seen that much, but it was cool. All the buildings were really old, and we went into two antique shops and just looked after wandering around the fountain. Then we walked a few blocks over to a cool looking church that I wanted a photograph of, then came back.








As it was really hot, and no place we had gone since lunch had used AC we were tired so we piled into the car. We were going to Oklahoma as it is only thirty minutes away and Andie had never been, but while sitting around KFC (for drinks and munchies) we decided we were too exhausted to go add another hour to our trip. We’ll get her up there eventually. I think Karlie wants to go too anyhow.

So we headed back, it was 4pm when we left. Four hours there, not bad, we didn’t expect to stay all day anyhow. As we were driving out of town we saw a Braum’s and all of us decided that had we realized that was there we would’ve gone there instead of KFC.

Well, we arrived home safe, sound, and exhausted. It was a good trip; I must do it again someday. I also want to go to other cool places in Texas; this state has a lot to offer!

Paris, TX


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  1. Nice entry – great pictues on facebook from your trip too. My only suggestion – you missed this:
    and this:

    That roadsideamerica.com website looks cool, I’m going to have to check it whenever I take a road trip. Looks like you had a great time. What’s next? Italy? Athens? Rhome?

    • I saw the dragon, but not Jesus! The dragon was a drive by and I didn’t realize it was a sight to see. I shall keep this website in mind. Andie wants to go to Athens next, so probably there 🙂

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