A New Chapter

My nice quiet world is soon to disappear.

I learned today that my sister, her husband, and her six children are going to move in. I’m renting my parent’s place while they are out of the country so this is where they are going now that they’ve hit rock bottom.


It’s so nice and quiet during the day. Just me and my cat. I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone by watching Netflix for hours, or my piano playing, or just sitting around reading, nor do I have to be bothered by anyone else. My last day of freedom is today. Monday I start back at work. That is also the day my sister could show up. I’m going to miss this.

Fortunately all of her children are in school by now so they will start up school as soon as they can so it’ll just be me, and my sister and brother-in-law. I hope they find jobs soon. Not just for them, but for the selfish part of me who loves to be home alone. I love being home alone. I love people and meeting them and enjoying their company, but I also love being by myself.

I’ve always been this way, as an infant I would cry to be left alone, but until I was older there was always someone around. I am the seventh of eight children after all. I cannot escape my family while living here in Texas. I love them, but I also love my alone time. Yes, there are some psychological issues behind that, but I’m not going to be posting that into a public blog anytime soon, so you, my dear reader, is out of luck. I know what they are and that’s what matters for now.

Well…I suppose I have another room to go clean and organize. I got the closet downstairs and the Sun Room cleaned this morning. This afternoon I shall work on the upstairs. I hope my little sister gets her stuff organized soon. I don’t want to deal with that. I am lazy after all, and it isn’t mine, so I feel no obligation to clean it.

It’s a new chapter of my life. Let’s see how this ends up!

A sunrise in space


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  1. Chin up, H. It will all work out.

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