And Lo ~ A New Computer

Enough’s enough. I had had it. I was getting a new computer!

So armed with my card I went to Best Buy to pick out a computer. I wasn’t interested in shopping around anymore, I wasn’t interested in saving $50-100 or whatever they could offer me, I NEEDED a new computer! My old one is probably two seconds away from dieing a horrible tragic death filled with data loss and more tears. I didn’t want to go there so I got off my lazy, procrastinating butt and went out.

I got there, found the computers, looked at the one I wanted, a Gateway, and then went online on my phone to see what price it was via their website. The same. So I went back to buy it, but I didn’t see it down below, so I went and asked an employee. He looked it up on his computer and discovered that no one in the state of Texas has that computer. That made me laugh, I had been trying to buy the same type as my best friend. She got hers a few weeks ago and probably got among the last.

I wasn’t ready to call it quits. I asked him what other ones he recommended for gaming, because that’s what I want it to do, along with all my photo-processing and writing. He recommended an HP (I think that’s the correct computer…), because it was actually more powerful than what I had originally found, and much cheaper too, especially as I have a good monitor and everything else.

I bought it, and am now typing from it. It works wonderfully. It’s amazing how much faster this one is compared to my old Dell, which was running Windows XP and about to die.

Yes, I’ve joined the modern world, and I like it. I’m so happy I did this. Now, I just need to get my files on this computer and I can get editing again and post my photographs.

I also need to learn how to work all of Windows 7. I understand most of it, but not all.


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