I can wait till Saturday. I can wait till Saturday…

So you might be wondering where my promised updates are. Don’t worry, I will get them to you. It’ll be probably Saturday or Sunday. Why that far in the future? Funny story….

As some of you know I have been having computer problems. It started here with my external crashing. Then my computer got a virus cause it’s old. I therefore bought me a new computer. My old computer had two hard drives inside it, the one with the operating system and a secondary. The secondary (named Megaweapon) contained all of my files that I had saved/recreated/created since my external died. On this is my photos for my Photography Challenge. We tried taking apart the case for my old external and put Megaweapon in. After the help of a friend we got it open and installed. I tried three ports and two cords and couldn’t read it. Windows knew that my “MyBook” was hooked up, but it couldn’t read it. We tried it on my roommates computer. No luck there either. So we took it out. I got a hold of another external, put Megaweapon back in my old computer and was trying to get stuff off of it that way, but we think my old comp is now fried. We tried installing the thing into my roommate’s computer. No luck there. Finally I took my sledgehammer to it to make it work. Oh wait. I actually have a friend (the same one who opened the case) who is going to try something. If that fails I’m going to cut off my arm and use that as payment to Geek Squad.

This sounds like it took no time, but it took quite some time, cause I, until yesterday where I watched some videos, have never installed hardware on a computer (besides the obvious, plug in, run a CD and go type)and had to wait for others to help me.  This is why I’m giving up on getting others help for most things. It takes too long…

Well, that is my horrible long story, and I’m still mad at my computer. It shouldn’t be this hard to get my files! *rants some more*

I know its yet another of these types of posts, but I thought I’d share in case anyone wonders/cares.

I do have a question though. I have been taking pictures still. Would I get mobbed if I post these things out of order? I’d still have the proper weeks in the name, but they just wouldn’t be in chronological order. Thoughts?


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