Week 12 – Camels

I went to Sharkarosa this week. Sharkarosa is a Wildlife Preserve with all sorts of exotic animals. These camels were only a few of them. I was shooting blind the entire day on my iPhone, so not many are as instantly ready. I will need to share more soon though. I want to go back with my DSLR.
Week 12 - Camels


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  1. Be careful, they spit.

    • LOL yes they do! Dad has all sorts of stories about camels cause he grew up in the middle east. The only male in the herd (not pictured here) had tons of spit on him. It was SO nasty, LOL. I got a picture though!

  2. Those camels look much happier than the one I photographed this week! http://meantforsomethingbetter.com/2012/04/02/camels-and-pita/

    • lol, mine were about to be fed. They attached food buckets on the train that I was so the kids could pet the creatures. These ones were happy to see us and the food 🙂

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