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I can wait till Saturday. I can wait till Saturday…

So you might be wondering where my promised updates are. Don’t worry, I will get them to you. It’ll be probably Saturday or Sunday. Why that far in the future? Funny story….

As some of you know I have been having computer problems. It started here with my external crashing. Then my computer got a virus cause it’s old. I therefore bought me a new computer. My old computer had two hard drives inside it, the one with the operating system and a secondary. The secondary (named Megaweapon) contained all of my files that I had saved/recreated/created since my external died. On this is my photos for my Photography Challenge. We tried taking apart the case for my old external and put Megaweapon in. After the help of a friend we got it open and installed. I tried three ports and two cords and couldn’t read it. Windows knew that my “MyBook” was hooked up, but it couldn’t read it. We tried it on my roommates computer. No luck there either. So we took it out. I got a hold of another external, put Megaweapon back in my old computer and was trying to get stuff off of it that way, but we think my old comp is now fried. We tried installing the thing into my roommate’s computer. No luck there. Finally I took my sledgehammer to it to make it work. Oh wait. I actually have a friend (the same one who opened the case) who is going to try something. If that fails I’m going to cut off my arm and use that as payment to Geek Squad.

This sounds like it took no time, but it took quite some time, cause I, until yesterday where I watched some videos, have never installed hardware on a computer (besides the obvious, plug in, run a CD and go type)and had to wait for others to help me.  This is why I’m giving up on getting others help for most things. It takes too long…

Well, that is my horrible long story, and I’m still mad at my computer. It shouldn’t be this hard to get my files! *rants some more*

I know its yet another of these types of posts, but I thought I’d share in case anyone wonders/cares.

I do have a question though. I have been taking pictures still. Would I get mobbed if I post these things out of order? I’d still have the proper weeks in the name, but they just wouldn’t be in chronological order. Thoughts?


And Lo ~ A New Computer

Enough’s enough. I had had it. I was getting a new computer!

So armed with my card I went to Best Buy to pick out a computer. I wasn’t interested in shopping around anymore, I wasn’t interested in saving $50-100 or whatever they could offer me, I NEEDED a new computer! My old one is probably two seconds away from dieing a horrible tragic death filled with data loss and more tears. I didn’t want to go there so I got off my lazy, procrastinating butt and went out.

I got there, found the computers, looked at the one I wanted, a Gateway, and then went online on my phone to see what price it was via their website. The same. So I went back to buy it, but I didn’t see it down below, so I went and asked an employee. He looked it up on his computer and discovered that no one in the state of Texas has that computer. That made me laugh, I had been trying to buy the same type as my best friend. She got hers a few weeks ago and probably got among the last.

I wasn’t ready to call it quits. I asked him what other ones he recommended for gaming, because that’s what I want it to do, along with all my photo-processing and writing. He recommended an HP (I think that’s the correct computer…), because it was actually more powerful than what I had originally found, and much cheaper too, especially as I have a good monitor and everything else.

I bought it, and am now typing from it. It works wonderfully. It’s amazing how much faster this one is compared to my old Dell, which was running Windows XP and about to die.

Yes, I’ve joined the modern world, and I like it. I’m so happy I did this. Now, I just need to get my files on this computer and I can get editing again and post my photographs.

I also need to learn how to work all of Windows 7. I understand most of it, but not all.


Just a quick mobile update for all those who care…my computer has a virus that is making it run slower than molasses dripping uphill in the middle of winter. So it keeps freezing on me making me not desirous to be on it.

It is currently undergoing treatment but it’s like an episode of House: we have no idea what it has and we’re trying to fix it through educated trial and error. So far nothing has worked.

I will post more 52 weeks soon. I have this weeks and last weeks to post and I will get them up as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience, I’ll chat at ya more when I can…I just pray that I can make it through this trial without shooting my computer… *deep breath* one day at a time, Helen…one day at a time.

Setting Goals

It’s that time of the year. The time when people set goals for the next year, and I am no different than everyone else. Normally I don’t make a big deal about this but I feel that my life is becoming stagnant so I want some goals to shake up my life. I also am a firm believer of telling people, cause the more people you tell the more people will remind you and ask you about stuff you set, and we don’t want to disappoint them right? 🙂

I think I’m going to do a photography challenge this next year. I am a fan of the Digital Photography School and they had compiled a list for us of 11 Essential Reads for Photographers for the New Year and while reading through it someone mentioned a 365 day Photo challenge.

That made me pause. I have the typical weight-loss goal, a spiritual goal, and writing goals but it didn’t occur to me to set a photography goal. I thought, ‘why not? That sounds like fun!’ then I remembered how busy my life is usually and how tired I am. So I’m modifying it. I’m going to attempt to photograph each day, but I will only show off the ‘picture of the week’ so…a 52 week challenge of sorts, lol. It will help me improve and post more often. I’m quite liking this goal.


Is it wrong of me to mourn the loss of electronic data?

I have this external hard drive who has worked beautifully for me for the past few years, then randomly, suddenly, horribly it died. Crashed. Corrupted.

I swear it gave me no warning, or if it tried to tell me to get all my stuff off of it ASAP I missed it’s dire prophecies. A few Saturdays ago I went on it to pull up something, I’m not sure what, and discovered that everything inside of my folders was corrupted.


I had YEARS of photographs I had taken on there, with several folders in a folder called “sort me so you can post me”. Okay that’s not really what the title of that folder is, but it’s close enough. So I lost several complete albums. Some got backed up online, most wasn’t. And what IS online probably has a watermark. I do have some on disk. Not many, and not enough.

…at least I have my stories still. That I HAD been smart enough to back up. Yes, the last back-up was in August, but I hadn’t been too productive on them so those versions are pretty much the ‘current’ versions.


I guess I needed to be taught this lesson the hard way: BACK UP OFTEN. Back up NOW.

Good news: I did manage to get some back. Jury is still out on whether or not its safe to turn on my external and see if there’s any more hiding on there, I didn’t get nearly as much as I was expecting back (yet more than I expected at all).

Well, I’m off to either mess around with my folders and files (now on my larger internal hard drive) or hide somewhere and cry. Can’t tell which.

Later all!

A New Chapter

My nice quiet world is soon to disappear.

I learned today that my sister, her husband, and her six children are going to move in. I’m renting my parent’s place while they are out of the country so this is where they are going now that they’ve hit rock bottom.


It’s so nice and quiet during the day. Just me and my cat. I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone by watching Netflix for hours, or my piano playing, or just sitting around reading, nor do I have to be bothered by anyone else. My last day of freedom is today. Monday I start back at work. That is also the day my sister could show up. I’m going to miss this.

Fortunately all of her children are in school by now so they will start up school as soon as they can so it’ll just be me, and my sister and brother-in-law. I hope they find jobs soon. Not just for them, but for the selfish part of me who loves to be home alone. I love being home alone. I love people and meeting them and enjoying their company, but I also love being by myself.

I’ve always been this way, as an infant I would cry to be left alone, but until I was older there was always someone around. I am the seventh of eight children after all. I cannot escape my family while living here in Texas. I love them, but I also love my alone time. Yes, there are some psychological issues behind that, but I’m not going to be posting that into a public blog anytime soon, so you, my dear reader, is out of luck. I know what they are and that’s what matters for now.

Well…I suppose I have another room to go clean and organize. I got the closet downstairs and the Sun Room cleaned this morning. This afternoon I shall work on the upstairs. I hope my little sister gets her stuff organized soon. I don’t want to deal with that. I am lazy after all, and it isn’t mine, so I feel no obligation to clean it.

It’s a new chapter of my life. Let’s see how this ends up!

A sunrise in space

Boredom Kills

I am constantly loosing motivation. I feel motivated to write…then I open up what I have and instantly loose interest. I want to comment on something, but loose motivation when I realize I don’t have anything useful to say.

This is a long dark process that’s been happening for a while now. I feel like I should and could make some small difference in this world, but then….eh.

What’s happening to me? Why is my motivation to do anything but sit around and veg in one way or another going away?

It might be this heat wave. We can blame it, but I don’t think the 40 days of 100*plus weather is to blame. I think it might be summer vacation itself.  I don’t feel like I’ve done anything productive over this summer. I have half-ish of two cosplays. Some writing. Some editing. Aaaaaaannnnd??? Nothing else.

I did relax. I am ready for work to resume in little over a week. Maybe I’ll be motivated again after that. I do have a list of things I should be doing each day…it’s just not happening currently.

Oh how I hope I find some motivation soon. This is driving me nuts…

The Future

Tomorrow. Always coming, never arriving. Yet we prepare for it anyway. Why though? Maybe it’s because we’re bored, or just like planning, or maybe we don’t and just live day by day.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that the future is there, ever changing, ever just beyond our reach. As much as anyone plans and plots and does it is always just out there, and it is only in the present or the past that the future is realized. All of a sudden we realize that the future is here and now and we must act. Act now or it becomes too late.

The future is happening now. Think about it. You’re sitting here reading this and two seconds ago you hadn’t seen this word in my post, and there’s still more below. Soon you will be there. Then it will pass.

Moments like this makes me wonder what I am going to do with my future and what can I do for it now. It won’t wait for me, I must try to shape it as much as I can, but at the same time, all we can control is now. Tomorrow is still a mystery. Two minutes from now is still a mystery.

Now is time for action. Now is time to shape the future by shaping the moment.

Summer Reading

“The TARDIS, when working properly, is capable of many amazing things. Not unlike myself!” – The Sixth Doctor, “Attack of the Cybermen!”


Yes, I vultured the idea from Peggy. I am not sorry at all.

After months of avoiding the bookstore (for various reasons, mostly involving money) I went twice in one weekend. I first went to Half-Price Books to find some presents for friends with birthdays. I walked out with a book on genetics for myself. Yes, I love the sciences, they fascinate me to no end…

Then, after the first of the two parties I would go to last weekend, we wandered around Barns & Nobel after eating dinner, staying there till they were about to throw us out so they could close. It was there I discovered the Doctor Who books, hidden over by the Star Trek and Forgotten Realms series. I couldn’t buy any that night, they only had the 11th Doctor, and I still haven’t quite reached that point in the series. Don’t worry. I’m working on it. Slowly. Me and my best friend watch it together and have a pact to not get ahead of the other.

So, I went online and found a ton of books for Doctor Who. Amazon how I love thee. Now I must pick and buy some books…

I went to the library the next day after the second party. It has been forever since I had gone to the library and I had missed it. I checked out all of the Doctor Who books that I could find (that didn’t involve 11) and read all two of them in three days. Dang. Now I need more. Good thing I have an Eureka novel to keep me busy till I can go back…

A Trip to Paris

It was 1am Tuesday when the plan was hatched. We were going to Paris.

Texas that is.

Andie and I didn’t want to sleep, nor did we want to go home, so we found ourselves driving around McKinney early one morning. We were talking about the random destinations we could end up (as there was no plan on where we were going), and we decided to go to Paris, TX. Unfortunately for Andie, I argued on the side of reason and insisted we don’t just up-and-leave. Even if I really, really wanted to. I had stuff to do. The AC is broken and whose job is it to play with the AC company? Mine. BTW, it sucked as much as I thought it would. Fortunately the AC seems to have fixed itself for now, even if I’m sure it still needs some minor (yet costly!) repairs.

So we settled for going on Friday. It ended up being Andie, Aaron2 (A2), and I and it was a blast!


Yup, Italian

Andie and I left home around 9 am but we had to do some errands before leaving to get A2 so we got to his place around 10am, and we were in Paris by noon. First order of business: CVS. Andie needed some painkiller; a random headache had attacked her today. Second order of business: Lunch. We wanted something toward the Eiffel Tower, so what do we decide? Italian food. Campizzi’s.

Lunch was delicious, and we had fun just chatting and laughing, probably drawing weird looks from others, but oh well. That’s us for you!




Eiffel Tower

Andie and Aaron infront of the Tower

After paying, we headed out to the Eiffel Tower. It’s a lot shorter than I would’ve guessed, but then it is only 69 feet tall. But we still had it to ourselves for the most part! Only one other family came around, and they waited till we wandered away before going up. It was nice 🙂

Then off to Downtown! They literally have a town square that contains a fountain in it. I haven’t seen that much, but it was cool. All the buildings were really old, and we went into two antique shops and just looked after wandering around the fountain. Then we walked a few blocks over to a cool looking church that I wanted a photograph of, then came back.








As it was really hot, and no place we had gone since lunch had used AC we were tired so we piled into the car. We were going to Oklahoma as it is only thirty minutes away and Andie had never been, but while sitting around KFC (for drinks and munchies) we decided we were too exhausted to go add another hour to our trip. We’ll get her up there eventually. I think Karlie wants to go too anyhow.

So we headed back, it was 4pm when we left. Four hours there, not bad, we didn’t expect to stay all day anyhow. As we were driving out of town we saw a Braum’s and all of us decided that had we realized that was there we would’ve gone there instead of KFC.

Well, we arrived home safe, sound, and exhausted. It was a good trip; I must do it again someday. I also want to go to other cool places in Texas; this state has a lot to offer!

Paris, TX