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Warcraft Stories

“You no take candle!” – Kobold

Silly boys...

Yes, I’m sure this goes through some heads when they learn I play World of Warcraft (WoW). After all, stereotypes exist for a reason…even if I don’t follow it!

Ah well, I don’t let them get to me, I’ve been playing WoW for too long. About five or six years (which is just shy to how old it is, I got onto it quickly).

How is able to keep my attention for so long? Easy.

1.) My friends play too. I got involved because of Tiffany and it spread to my other friends and I seem to find fellow nerds at Anime Conventions for some strange reason…

2.) Blizzard is always updating and changing. While with stuff like Facebook, it might cause problems and moaning, with Blizzard, we love most of what they do. Yes, I cried when Cataclysm came out cause they destroyed a lot of stuff, but I am really enjoying seeing what has changed since last time I quested in various areas.

3.) The storyline. Man, I would LOVE to be one of their story writers! I read some of these quests and they’re Brilliant! I was in Badlands and I found this single random quest in the middle of nowhere. The quest giver was with his group of friends and all three of them took turns giving me tall stories about the day Cataclysm happened. They kept interrupting each other while the narrative was happening, and all was just so ridiculous. For your information: It starts at Theldurin the Lost and it is Alliance and Horde, titled “The Day Deathwing Came”. Man now I want to do that quest line again… ^_^

Theldurin starts by telling me he is the reason why Deathwing hasn’t come back. Deathwing is one of the Dragon Apects, he is the Aspect of Death, he is a huge black dragon who laid waste to most of the world. Theldurin told me that he was so mad he went and punched Deathwing in the face, but he had to go through a bunch of rock elementals that had got shaken loose. In the game I watched up to this point, but then I took over and I had to punch a bunch of elementals in the face and then punch deathwing in the face, taking him out in one blow. EPIC 😀

Then his friend, Lucien Tosselwrench, tells me that his story was wrong and he would tell me what REALLY happened the day Deathwing came. First off, it was cloudy that day. Deathwing must’ve seen this group of people gotten scared and hid (HA!), so Lucien uses his “World Shrinking Device” to shrink the world (really he just gets taller) and search the clouds cause he is “going to throw Deathwing to Kilamdor!” (The other continent). Again after the initial storytelling I take over and I search all over the place, but then Lucien realizes Deathwing is hiding in the Sun! I look up, find him. Then Deathwing is grabbed and thrown to Kilamdor! “End of story. No moral.” Says Lucien.

Theldrun laughs at that point and says that Lucien needs to stop drinking. Then Martek the Exiled speaks up. He says that neither story is right. One is too short the other is too tall (pun intended) and neither involves hot babes. He will tell me what REALLY happens. First off, when Deathwing came it started raining blood. He was in his motorcycle flirting with a bunch of girls and they became scared when Deathwing came, he could only save one. I picked the Male Blood Elf. They are ALWAYS getting mistaken for female! Then we had to drive through the valley, avoiding rocks. I did that. On the other side, Martek remembers his motorcycle could fly. That would’ve been helpful earlier! So I fly up to a nearby pillar and find Deathwing up there. And then…out of nowhere, Theldrun appears yelling “And then I punched him in the face!!” Martek gets mad and tells me I missed out hearing about his brilliant knife fight with Deathwing because of his companions. We exit flashback-mode.

I complete the quest, and Theldrun apologizes for making Martek’s story fifty times better and offers to pay for drinks next time.

MAN I love that quest line! Yes, I did it again on one of my other characters that way I could fully tell you what happened. ❤ I love this game!