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Week 12 – Camels

I went to Sharkarosa this week. Sharkarosa is a Wildlife Preserve with all sorts of exotic animals. These camels were only a few of them. I was shooting blind the entire day on my iPhone, so not many are as instantly ready. I will need to share more soon though. I want to go back with my DSLR.
Week 12 - Camels


Week 7 – Sunset

Oops, I forgot this one. Here I was hoping to get the rest in order…

I’d been eying this spot for quite some time and finally took some pictures. Happy day!
Week 7 - Sunset

Week 8 – Dessert

Dessert at Golden Moon Chinese Restaurant. For those who don’t have access to it, it’s a buffet and this is what I chose for dessert.
Week 8 - Dessert flickr

Week 6 – Weeds

Oh yes. This is out of order. Sorry. If you want to look at all of them in order I suggest my DeviantArt.

Yes, I’m posting a picture of weeds for this week. I personally like these plants, they look like sea horses to me, and they are the only flowers blooming in our yard. It had rained the night before so everything was still wet.

Week 6 - Weeds flickr

Week 3 – Purple and Green

Week 3 – Purple and Green
Week 3 - Purple and Green


I went to DeSoto High School recently and discovered that one of their parking lots was painted. Most of the spaces had been painted by a student however they wanted. I took pictures of many of the spots, but I liked how this one turned out the best. This was the only thing painted in this spot. I love the creativity of art students!


Week 4 will be posted soon. I am slowly catching up. My computer is dieing, but I am still taking pictures.

Week 2 – Rainbow

Sorry it’s so late, I think my computer is dying. I’m working on getting a new one now. Here’s Week 2 – Rainbow. Week 3 will be up soon.

Week 2 - Rainbow


In my Sun Room we had a bike, I went in there cause the cats were making noise in there, and I spotted this. Beautiful isn’t it?

Setting Goals

It’s that time of the year. The time when people set goals for the next year, and I am no different than everyone else. Normally I don’t make a big deal about this but I feel that my life is becoming stagnant so I want some goals to shake up my life. I also am a firm believer of telling people, cause the more people you tell the more people will remind you and ask you about stuff you set, and we don’t want to disappoint them right? 🙂

I think I’m going to do a photography challenge this next year. I am a fan of the Digital Photography School and they had compiled a list for us of 11 Essential Reads for Photographers for the New Year and while reading through it someone mentioned a 365 day Photo challenge.

That made me pause. I have the typical weight-loss goal, a spiritual goal, and writing goals but it didn’t occur to me to set a photography goal. I thought, ‘why not? That sounds like fun!’ then I remembered how busy my life is usually and how tired I am. So I’m modifying it. I’m going to attempt to photograph each day, but I will only show off the ‘picture of the week’ so…a 52 week challenge of sorts, lol. It will help me improve and post more often. I’m quite liking this goal.