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Week 13 – Wrought-Iron

Week 13 - Wrought-Iron

Not much to say about this. It was a random last-minute photograph. It was Saturday night (which for me is the end of the week) and I had a party to go to, so I left early and went to a park-thing I’d wanted to explore for a while. And by park thing I mean big grassy field in the center of a box of houses and by explore I mean not-drive-by.

There really wasn’t much there, but I did get a useable picture.


Week 12 – Camels

I went to Sharkarosa this week. Sharkarosa is a Wildlife Preserve with all sorts of exotic animals. These camels were only a few of them. I was shooting blind the entire day on my iPhone, so not many are as instantly ready. I will need to share more soon though. I want to go back with my DSLR.
Week 12 - Camels