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Week 13 – Wrought-Iron

Week 13 - Wrought-Iron

Not much to say about this. It was a random last-minute photograph. It was Saturday night (which for me is the end of the week) and I had a party to go to, so I left early and went to a park-thing I’d wanted to explore for a while. And by park thing I mean big grassy field in the center of a box of houses and by explore I mean not-drive-by.

There really wasn’t much there, but I did get a useable picture.


Week 10 – Pinky Pie’s Cupcake

I was at Kroger and I spotted this cupcake. This is Pinky Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for those who don’t know. If you haven’t tried the new series you should. It’s awesome 🙂

That cupcake was very good, Pinky Pie would approve!
Week 10 - Pinky Pie's Cupcake

Week 7 – Sunset

Oops, I forgot this one. Here I was hoping to get the rest in order…

I’d been eying this spot for quite some time and finally took some pictures. Happy day!
Week 7 - Sunset

Week 8 – Dessert

Dessert at Golden Moon Chinese Restaurant. For those who don’t have access to it, it’s a buffet and this is what I chose for dessert.
Week 8 - Dessert flickr

Week 3 – Purple and Green

Week 3 – Purple and Green
Week 3 - Purple and Green


I went to DeSoto High School recently and discovered that one of their parking lots was painted. Most of the spaces had been painted by a student however they wanted. I took pictures of many of the spots, but I liked how this one turned out the best. This was the only thing painted in this spot. I love the creativity of art students!


Week 4 will be posted soon. I am slowly catching up. My computer is dieing, but I am still taking pictures.

Week 2 – Rainbow

Sorry it’s so late, I think my computer is dying. I’m working on getting a new one now. Here’s Week 2 – Rainbow. Week 3 will be up soon.

Week 2 - Rainbow


In my Sun Room we had a bike, I went in there cause the cats were making noise in there, and I spotted this. Beautiful isn’t it?